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Are we fruity enough for you?

Orange Limerick
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The sweetness of the fruit, the acidic nature of citrus, the bitterness of the shade, the cool but roughly textured skin, the seeds of future oranges buried within, the glittery juice of its life....

Citrus burns but we keep coming back for more, basking in its sweetness and feeling sated for just a moment before being left dehydrated and alone. It never quite fulfills or contents. And then, to each orange its own seeds... but we choose to discard them, just as many choose its juice without its natural pulp of life. People are willing to deny the very nature of an orange for meer convenience and taste! But we know better. We must, for the orange's sake. We know about its true nature. How fickle is humanity! And how tangy its fruits!

Community Purpose=
Post your poetry, short fiction, POVs, digiart/photography, or anything else you find of interest that you might want to share! We want our topic expounded upon in every way possible. Feel your citrus creative juices flowing!

Members can claim orange-esque trademark names to use in their posts.

::Already claimed::

the Citrus Tragedy - blantoncirith, cirithmusings
Rhymes with Orange - arctic_silence
the Citrus Avenger - koala_spionage

Thanks to marieamethyst for the "Orange Limerick" header. She makes beautiful graphics! :D